What People Are Saying:

"Diversity is not an easy topic to convey, but you were able to deliver the training in a safe, comfortable, motivating and enjoyable atmosphere. The skills gained gave employees the confidence and the courage to go back to their workplace more determined than ever to appreciate and value differences."
- Santa Barbara, CA

"It is very rare when one weekend's work can have so much meaning for a group of people. You have inspired introspection, collaboration, patience and activism all at once. It is very obvious that the impact of your presentation has endured in our minds and actions."
- Los Angeles, CA

"You touched all of our hearts, inspired new thoughts and ideas, and moved our souls."
- Santa Cruz, CA

"I have been searching for words profound enough to do justice to Lillian's powerful work. Not an easy task!"
-Wilmington, DE

"I believe LLR transforms everyone and leaves one sensitive and aware, and revitalized to make a difference. If lasting change is to take place, workshops like LLR's are a necessity - they raise awareness of world citizenship."
- Chicago, IL

"You handled a potentially volatile and threatening topic so perfectly that no one came away feeling guilt or shame, but instead with an enlightened awareness."
- Spokane, WA

"I am forever grateful to you for introducing me to the vocabulary for the experience of internalized oppression."
- Santa Rosa, CA

"My personal experience of Lillian's workshop three years ago was life transforming. I was so impressed that I began my own personal work based on the concepts and models presented in her workshop."
- Santa Fe, NM

"Not surprisingly, your presentation (at our event) received rave reviews. I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that our participants clamored for more time with you"
- Claremont, CA

"I am not sure where to begin. Great! Outstanding! Fabulous! Best Ever!"
- Santa Fe, NM

"Your sessions 'Understanding and Being Understood' and 'Cross Cultural Communications' were inspiring, enlightening and educational"
- Washington, DC

"We want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful sessions you presented on Cultural Diversity. Through your presentation and presence, we feel the students were provided with a very unique and valuable opportunity for growth - traditionally, personally, and professionally."
- Boulder, CO

You can email me at lillian@roybalrose.com.