Lillian Roybal Rose Seminars was established in 1985 and had a national reputation for excellence in the areas of:

  • Valuing diversity as a source for organizational change
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership training

As of September 2015 I have officially retired.

I want to recognize the many people from all over the country who participated in my workshops and who touched my life in such a positive way. Many have stayed in contact with me over the years. We gave, and continue to give, each other support and hope that we can reach a fair and just society, where all can be treated with dignity and respect, have equal opportunity, and where we can love and celebrate our differences. My love and thank you to all.

Because I deeply believe in making this work widely available, I am referring clients and visitors of my site to my former associate Nanci Luna Jimenez.

Nanci worked with me as an associate for over fifteen years and is fully trained in my design as well as many other designs. She has gained an international reputation in her own right with Luna Jimenez Seminars and Associates. I encourage you to visit her website at to learn more.

I send you my best wishes for the success of your workshop.

You can email me at